We Got a Love

Lindsey Howard

Posted on February 17 2017




It's Friday and it's sunny and we feel like singing.   So we're gonna sing ya a song!  (this could be good, this could be bad -- but it will definitely be fun)  As you are about to witness, we do not claim to be professional musicians, singers or Youtube video-ers, ha! (I don't know how these people do this -- we didn't even have us a camera man - window sill to the rescue!)  But we also don't care to be any of those things, just want to share some love, since we totally jipped you on Valentine's Day!   I don't think I posted one thing!   I guess I was too busy loving on my sweet valentines at home.  

This is what I would've posted, had I posted something on V-day...because this is a special song at my house, and my boys love it -- and it's all about looooove.    

So take a break from your work day and have a little fun with us, then while you're at it, go check out the new cuteness over at the shop!    (All you have to do is click the "Menu" tab at the top if your'e on your phone -- if you're on a computer click the "Catalog" tab)   **I'm wearing the Lacey Ruffle Top - it's one of my new faves.

(We obviously didn't know the camera was on in the very beginning, fixing our hair all up in the camera, we cut out most of the crazy -- but let's be real, we are just a little crazy, so why hide it)    

Happy Friday to all my Yellow Roses, I'm glad we're friends!    


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