Smalltown Summer Nights

Lindsey Howard

Posted on June 10 2019

There's just nothin' that screams small town summer nights like the county fair!

Most of us have fond memories as a child - pulling up in a field, wide-eyed with excitement at the sight of all the lights!  I'll never forget the time my dad talked me into riding the Super Loop roller coaster at the fair, I almost fell out - I'm still scarred for life. Then there's the thousands of times I raced my friends down the Super Slide, and not to mention the time my childhood boy crush tried to hold my hand standing outside the Gravitron as Wilson Phillips blared in the background. 

There's just something about the fair, as a kid, that makes time stand still for a moment.  But I'm here to tell ya...there is definitely no age limit on funnel cakes, popcorn, cotton candy, tractor pulls, demolition derby, and the ferris wheel!

So grab your crew, and find a fair near you...

...and check it off your summer bucket list.  Lots of belly-laughs, terribly IRRESISTIBLE greasy food and great memories are waiting for you. 

Let's be honest, every now and then it's just good to feel like a kid again.

You can find any of our summer and patriotic themed summer tees on our site or in store.  They are available in adult and youth sizes and pair perfectly with any of your summer night adventures! CLICK HERE to grab yours!

Happy Summer from all of us at Yellow Rose & Co!

XOXO - Lindsey








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  • jaikaduxdc: July 24, 2020

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Paula Smith: June 10, 2019

    Beautiful pictures, making memories. Love the Yellow Rose and what it’s done for our community!

    You all are inspirations 💜

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